Toronto coiffeur emporium won’t cut women’s hair on eremite grounds

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All she wanted was a haircut.

But when Faith McGregor walked into a Terminal Barber Shop during Bay and Dundas streets, she was repelled to hear from a owners that no coiffeur during a emporium would cut a woman’s hair given it goes opposite their eremite beliefs.

McGregor has given filed a censure about a Jun occurrence with a Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC).

The emporium wasn’t bustling that day, she says, and dual barbers were station during a behind of a store. “I asked, ‘Do we do a businessman’s cut?’ It’s a simple haircut. They pronounced they do.”

After describing a cut, owners Omar Mahrouk stopped her. “He only looked during me and said, ‘I can’t do that. We don’t cut women’s hair here.’”

McGregor says she was shocked. “I only wanted a accurate same cut as they would give a man. Nothing different.” The 34-year-old dyke says she always gets her hair cut during a coiffeur shop, not a salon.

Mahrouk told her “it’s opposite his religion” to cut a woman’s hair, she says. Mahrouk and dual other barbers refused, all observant they rehearse Islam, that forbids them to hold bizarre women, she says.

For his part, Mahrouk admits that he denied McGregor service. “I can cut my wife’s hair, though not a bizarre lady. For me this is not discrimination. we explained that we have zero opposite woman. This is my religion. She did not accept it.”

The Ontario Human Rights Code states that business owners can’t repudiate use formed on sex.

“The law is a law, though this is my religion. But we am not cultured opposite anyone,” Mahrouk insists. “It is opposite my religion.”

On a surface, a Human Rights Code says

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